Geraint Rees – Macmillan Radiographer

At our meeting on the 24th. September 2014 we welcomed Geraint Rees, who gave a talk on radiotherapy treatments in our Kent hospitals.He spoke,in particular, about external beam radiotherapy,and high dose brachytherapy.

He explained how accurate the treatment has become with the very advanced equipment now available.There are also trials ongoing involving thousands of patients to hopefully make even more advances.

His presentation involved photo’s of the equipment and treatment rooms, and also pictures of what the experts see during the treatment of patients with prostate cancer.

Many thanks to Geraint from the members present at the meeting for a most informative and in depth talk.
Radiotherapy treatment specialist for prostate cancer
Geraint Rees
Macmillan Website
Pilgrims Hospice

Our speaker at our August 27th 2014 meeting was Mr Shaun Stacey, Pilgrims Hospice interim CEO.Many thanks to him for his excellent presentation,which was informative and ,indeed ,very enlightening.He spoke about the care that the hospices provide to everyone that needs it,particularly in their last year of life,not only for the patients but also for their carers.
Pilgrims Hospice interim CEO
Shaun Stacey
Pilgrims Website
Did you know?
PCSA Kent - locally supporting those affected by prostate cancer
Men of Black Caribbean or Black African descent are 3 times more likely to get prostate cancer than white men.
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