Geraint Rees, speaking at our June meeting

The speaker at our June meeting in Canterbury was Geraint Rees, urological radiographer from Maidstone and Canterbury hospitals.  PCSA Kent has recently donated a bladder scanner to Maidstone hospital and Geraint was able to tell us that this would soon be in full use following the internal commissioning process and staff training. He gave an outline of how the scanner would be used in clinical practice and its value to patients.

Geraint talked about the ways radiotherapy can be used as a first line treatment for prostate cancer, both by external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy.  Brachytherapy is a form of internal radiotherapy and patients from across Kent and parts of E Sussex may be referred to the oncology department at Maidstone for this specialised treatment.  After his excellent presentation Geraint took questions from the floor.

PCSA Kent hopes that it will soon be able to help in the purchase of further equipment for brachytherapy at Maidstone. We will also be helping the department at Maidstone to  fund a long term follow-up study that will help monitor patients after treatment.